Online Press

 "Trying to label them would be doing them a disservice. Instead, they must be accepted for what they are - something special."

Destination Metal

"This band rips! Protest the Hero, Coalesce, The Mars Volta… Core of Io… you get the idea. The proggy good stuff! "

"Core of Io mix harmonious proggy rock with darker even more technical metal bordering on Djent. Clearly influenced by the likes of Sikth, The Deftones, Tool and Meshuggah. Tasty guitars, relentless drums and dynamic vocals"

Sound and Motion Mag

"Self Assured Tech Flavoured Progressive Rock, Dynamic Intelligent and Dripping with Hooks.
Fans of the Technical and Progressive would do well to watch this space, a genuine force to be reckoned with"

The Monolith

Ear-fucking guitar work, the bass slaps away, the drums are just the right side of out of control and the vocals sit right on top of this deliciously-crafted musical cake.

Forward Thinking Progressive Rock, Brilliant!

Metal Hammer

Without subscribing to the ‘djent’ camp, they prove themselves equally worthy of pushing forward the barriers of technical metal.

Metal Mouth